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Agro Initiative Zimbabwe (AIZ) is a programme implemented by TechnoServe Zimbabwe, aimed at supporting promising ideas in agriculture by awarding up to $50,000 in seed capital prizes and tailored technical assistance to small- and medium-sized businesses that demonstrate inclusion of smallholder farmers in their supply chains and can serve as models for the broader industry. To date, 39 businesses (25 under Incubation and 14 under Ideation) in diverse categories including staple crops, horticulture, livestock, food processing, mobile agriculture, essential oils, aquaculture, apiculture, financial services and dairy have been signed up in 2 to 3 years contractual agreements.

Instrumental to the organisations initiatives is technical assistance; this element addresses client constraints in areas such as evaluation, development and implementation of risk mitigation strategies, market linkages, corporate strategy formulation and implementation, standards, systems and procedures essential for raising capital. Technical assistance grants are utilized through the provision of TechnoServe expertise, local and international consultants, training at business and farmer level, workshops, exchange visits and seminars.

2015 Agro Initiative Zimbabwe Incubation Winners

• Better Agriculture (Pvt) Ltd is a technical management and Consulting company based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The business contracts smallholder farmers in the production of chillies for export to regional and international markets. The business innovation is introducing conservation farming to its contracted farmers, aimed at increasing productivity through use of organic manure in addition to chemical fertilizers to improve soil condition and improve on moisture conservation.

• Alternative Investments Africa is an agriculture investment firm focused on agriculture in Sub Saharan Africa with a particular focus on the development of smallholder farmers. The business idea is providing a market linkage for small scale horticultural small scale farmers feeding into Selby Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd local and export markets.

• Virl Trading (Pvt.) Limited is a registered Zimbabwean Company which started operations as a developmental Microfinonce Institution. The micro finance innovation is providing asset financing to small scale farmers and facilitating market linkages for the farmers.

• Taultro Investments (Pvt) Ltd t/a Inala Enterprises is a Bulawayo based business involved in cattle trading. The business idea is establishment of the Ithuba Cattle Breeding project with a strong focus on introducing better breeds to the community. The business will also facilitate market linkages for rural livestock owners and providing alternative livestock feed from locally available ingredients to small scale farmers for cattle fattening.

2014 Agro Initiative Zimbabwe Winners

• Chemfam Pvt Ltd is a Chegutu based agro processing firm that historically focused on processing and bottling of horticulture products. The business renewed focus is the production of beverage products with a key focus on dairy products. Chemfam initiative is introducing sustainable pasture based small scale dairy farming operations. The business will source milk from small scale farmers under its scheme for processing into dairy products.

• Michview Enterprises Pvt Ltd is a Bulawayo based Livestock trader specializing in the supply of goats and sheep for breeding and slaughter. The business idea is providing market linkages for small scale farmers in the Matabeleland region selling small ruminants such as sheep and goats. The business also facilitates introduction of better breeding stock to rural farmers.

2013 Agro Initiative Zimbabwe Winners

• Perchgate Distributors T/A Savanna Delight is a Harare based, medium sized business, whose winning model involves training rural communities surrounding wildlife conservancies in beekeeping and facilitate access to markets.

• Aquafeed Pvt Ltd is a new business whose initiative involves setting up a feed mill producing specialised feed for tilapila fish using ingredients sourced from small scale farmers. The feed will be sold to small scale fish farmers under the Aquaculture project.

• Expert Decision Systems Zimbabwe is the first third generation credit bureau to be established in Zimbabwe whose innovation is the introduction of an Agro Finance Scorecard to capacitate access to finance for smallholder farmers and information access for contracting companies and financing institutions.

Big Grape Capital is a Micro Finance institution whose idea involves a strategic collaboration with Domboshava Horticulture and Poultry Association to set up a poultry outgrower scheme. The institution will provide funding, market linkage and extension services.

Profeeds Pvt Ltd is a stockfeed manufacturing company based in Harare. Their winning idea is providing logistics and market linkages to small scale poultry growers across the value chain.

2012 Agro Initiative Zimbabwe Winners

The Veg Enterprise is an organisation operating in the Mashonaland West province aiming to establish an Agro Acces package which is intended to benefit identified small holder farmers in growing vegetables using green house technology.

Progene Seeds (Pvt) Ltd is Zimbabwean company whose idea is to introduce artificial insemination into cattle herds belonging to more than 1500 small scale farmers in different parts of the country, to improve the quality and quantity of progeny produced.

Staywell Trading’s idea is to create and operate grain procurement units, which will go out into the rural areas at harvest time and procure commodities at fair market prices based on brokerage contracts that are referenced to Harare based prices less a transport cost differential. The company already has excellent storage space in the form of silos. This will address the rampant cases of farmers being held to ransom and accepting ridiculously lower commodity prices that not only reduce the farmer’s standard of living but also his/her ability to expand and improve their faming activities.

Perfontein Trading t/a Morning Star processes and sells chickens. The organisation aims to provide a market for small scale poultry farmers in Kezi, Bulawayo, taking advantage of an already existing outgrower poultry scheme that the farmers are involved in.

B'Ayoba (Pvt) Ltd is a new company operating in the Manicaland province whose idea is the establishment of the first integrated baobab agro processing centre that will be supported by rural communities who will now have a consistent and profitable market for baobab fruit/mauyu.

Noranda Enteprises Pvt (Ltd) t/aRusitu Delight is a new business aiming to work with small scale farmers in the Rusitu valley in Chimanimani district, assisting them in market linkages in the banana value chain as well as additional activities involving the local processing of banana wine, chips, pulp and yoghurt

Waste Worx (Pvt) Ltd idea is aimed at promoting capacity building of rural, peri-urban and urban households on organic inexpensive agricultural practises.

Buztrunk Investments is a new business that holds the license to operate Esoko in Zimbabwe. Esoko is an ICT platform that allows farmers to receive market and other information via SMS.